C-Suite Intelligence 17th April 2020

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The long-term effects of the crisis on business structure
Leaders give their views on these pressing questions:

  • How will companies emerge and move forward as the COVID-19 curve flattens?
  • Will there be a new work paradigm, or will we all be back to work as usual?

Follow this link to read the perspectives of:

  • Dean Bosche - Toptal
  • John Healy - Kelly Services
  • Steve Rader - NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation
  • Chris Stanton - Harvard Business School
  • Steve Hatfield - Deloitte
  • Dyan Finkhousen - Shoshin Works
  • Balaji Bondili - Deloitte Pixel


Coronavirus and technology supply chains: How to restart and rebuild
McKinsey & Company
As COVID-19-related restrictions begin to lift in Asia, how can organizations resolve supply-chain issues at pace?
This article provides guidance on how to:
  • Build a nerve centre
  • Conduct scenario analyses to identify specific actions
  • Understand and reshape demand to fit supply
  • Assess components for criticality and risk at each tier
  • Optimize limited production capacity
  • Convert daily firefighting into reliable risk management 
Daily update of global tax developments, lookup table


KPMG is providing an overview of tax developments being reported globally by member firms in response to the current crisis.

A look-up table provides daily updates for a comprehensive range of countries and territories.

Access the information here.
Remote working: 10 tips to move beyond the basics and have greater impact
We are all getting used to working from home but how do you work productively and successfully and achieve greater impact?  Forbes provides 10 tips for successful remote work.  

Critical Steps For Leaders 
  1. Create A Strategic Plan: Put in place the processes and tools to equip your teams with what they need to maintain productivity.
  2. Create Virtual Leadership Principles And Communication Norms: Quickly debate and then communicate your expectations for how your teams should be working with one another including expectations on responsiveness, work life balance and video conferencing usage.
  3. Make A Deliberate Connection Plan: Remote workers are at a higher risk of feeling isolated, and the COVID-19 outbreak can also create added anxiety. Find ways to check in on each other, like matching people for virtual coffee chats.
  4. Galvanize Internal Remote Work Pioneers: Call on pioneers to lead and teach others how to maintain their productivity while working remotely.
 Tips For Remote Workers
  1. Get Comfortable With Technology
  2. Over-Communicate
  3. Create Rituals
  4. Always Be Learning
  5. Be Cautious
  6. Stay Active
 To see full details, read here.

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