C-Suite Intelligence 16th December 2020

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Why burnout happens — and how leaders can help

Harvard Business Review

Christina Maslach, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, has been studying the causes of burnout, and its impact, for decades. In this podcast (available in both audio and transcript form) she explores how managers can recognise when and why employees are suffering and take steps to solve those problems.

In her framework, burnout stems from not only large workloads but also lack of control, community, and reward and values mismatches.


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Interview with Aditya Puri, recently retired CEO of HDFC Bank on the path to market leadership

McKinsey & Company

Under Aditya Puri’s leadership, HDFC Bank became the highest-valued financial institution in India and the tenth-most-valuable bank in the world.

The 2020 fiscal year saw HDFC Bank notch revenue gains of around 20%, as it had done in the previous five years, along with returns on equity of nearly 17%, well above the global industry average. 

In this interview he explains how HDFC Bank’s success came from sticking to its founding principles: customer focus, risk management, technology-led innovation, and a “first among equals” culture.


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Boards and blockchain

Wall Street Journal

As leaders navigate the implementation of new technologies, including blockchain, boards of directors have a key role in providing strategic oversight.

They can ask critical questions to keep themselves informed of new blockchain developments, and they can help management evaluate the most advantageous use cases. They also can help highlight new risks or threats that might emerge.

While board members are not expected to become blockchain experts to effectively oversee adoption, they may need to obtain a basic level of technical literacy and learn more about emerging technologies to better understand opportunities and threats.

Blockchain is part of an evolving area of disruptive technologies that may grow, suggesting board members may need to build their intellectual agility in this rapidly changing area.


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