C-Suite Intelligence 15th May 2020

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Scenario planning for uncertain times
Andrew Blau, Deloitte MD, and Peter Schwartz, noted futurist, author, and senior vice president of strategic planning at Salesforce answer the following questions:
  • What is scenario planning, and how are leaders using it?
  • How can leaders use scenarios to shape their go-forward strategies? 
  • Are there any tools or techniques you can recommend to help monitor the indicators?
  • Could organisations have used scenario planning to anticipate this pandemic?
  • Might this crisis spur leaders to think differently in the future?
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The principles of ‘emergent’ leadership

London School of Economics

Extensive research over the last two decades into the successful leadership of change consistently points to the same answer: in situations of high complexity and volatility, leading change in an ‘emergent’ way can bring about new results far more quickly and successfully than other change management approaches. This article examines the case for a move towards ‘emergent change’ leadership.
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How COVID-19 might change thinking on sustainability

Harvard Business School

Six faculty members give their view on how COVID-19 may change thinking on sustainability: insights include:
  • Companies might prepare better for big disruptions
  • Short-term fears might guide decision-making
  • Companies will realize their vulnerability
  • Safety will become a competitive advantage
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Top of mind priorities for CIOs
McKinsey & Company
CIOs are seeing record rates of adoption for new technology, such as connectivity tools, and, more broadly, prioritizing technology interventions to support the organisation, such as providing digital solutions to enable B2B sales in a remote environment. Many are beginning to rethink their budgets and are prioritising initiatives that generate savings and cash.
The best CIOs are also keeping a close eye on what generates value for the business and thinking about how to invest in those initiatives so the business can both weather the downturn and come through it in a strong position.


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