C-Suite Intelligence 15 September 2020

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Report: Building reputation resilience before a crisis

Ipsos MORI

What can organisations do to build reputation resilience to protect themselves in times of crisis?

This report draws upon the experiences and perspectives of the Ipsos Reputation Council, which is made up of over 150 senior corporate communicators from some of the world’s largest organisations to understand best practice in reputation resilience.

These conversations revealed that organisations that seek to understand their stakeholders, invest in these relationships, manage risk and have a clear roadmap for reputation building are likely to be in a strong position to successfully deal with crises when they arise. 


COVID-19: Twelve insights to business recovery and resilience

Ernst & Young

This useful summary takes a look at the steps organisations need to take to get back up and running and also become more resilient in the process:
  1. Reimagine and transform
  2. Address customer anxiety
  3. Rethink the workplace
  4. Maximize your people’s potential
  5. Identify legal issues
  6. Learn lessons from those a few weeks ahead
  7. Adapt operations, increase resilience
  8. Forecast more effectively
  9. Adapt to shifting expectations
  10. Identify the right divestments
  11. Encourage inward investment in your region
  12. Stabilize the economy

Corporate Resilience and Response During COVID-19

Harvard Business School

This academic study used data derived from natural language processing applied to news coverage of corporate responses to the coronavirus crisis for 3,023 companies around the world.

It is the first study to examine evidence on market response during COVID-19 as a function of corporate Crisis Responses.

It found that more positive sentiment around a company’s response to the pandemic is associated with stronger relative stock market performance. 

Infographic: Ten steps to operational resilience


This infographic outlines the ten key steps to achieving operational resilience.


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