C-Suite Intelligence 14th October 2020

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Debunking seven common myths about cloud

McKinsey & Company

Many of today’s beliefs about cloud are based on misconceptions fed by stories of adoptions gone wrong or fears of significant change.

These beliefs get in the way of deeply understanding the positive business, operational, and economic impacts of cloud and must be addressed to enable organisations to capture cloud’s full value.

Companies that have effectively counteracted these myths are the ones that have derived the greatest rewards from their move to cloud.

  • Myth #1: The main value of cloud business cases is IT cost reductions.
  • Myth #2: Cloud computing costs more than in-house computing.
  • Myth #3: The security I can set up and control in my own data centres is superior to the security on cloud.
  • Myth #4: There is greater latency among applications running on cloud providers’ networks than there is on in-house networks.
  • Myth #5: Moving to cloud eliminates the need for an infrastructure organisation.
  • Myth #6: The most effective way to transition to cloud is to focus either on applications or on entire data centres.
  • Myth #7: To move to cloud, you must either lift and shift applications as they are today or refactor them entirely.



Coping with anxiety and uncertainty as leaders

Harvard Business Review

This 30 minute video discussion offers practical advice for leaders about how to manage stress, fear, and anxiety in their teams and in themselves; and considers the question ‘Can anxious people be good leaders?’.
To create value in the COVID-19 era, set aside standard risk management

London School of Economics

This article argues that “uncertainty competence”, or the ability to create new value in the face of uncertainty, is a necessary skill in all companies who want to adapt to the post-COVID-19 world. It details three crucial steps to building uncertainty competence:
  1. Broaden the range of decision logics.
  2. Shift from an optimisation mindset to an exploration mindset.
  3. Develop leadership and make room for creation.

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