C-Suite Intelligence 13th October 2020

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Preparing for, responding to and recovering from a cyber attack


This three part series examines how risk, tech and legal teams should prepare for, respond to and recover from a cyber-attack.



‘Making a big company feel small’: An interview with HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen

McKinsey & Company

At the beginning of 2020, HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen read an article about an infectious disease evolving in China that grabbed his attention. He began discussing with his team whether HCA, one of the world’s largest healthcare systems, had procedures and approaches ready if COVID-19 spread.

Hazen discusses his response to the pandemic and how HCA maintained focus.

Keep your weary workers engaged and motivated

Harvard Business School

This article argues that humans are motivated by four drives: acquire, bond, comprehend, and defend; and advises leaders how they can use all four to keep employees engaged.

The extent to which a job satisfies these four drives accounts for a large portion of how much an individual is motivated in their work. While improving the fulfilment of any one drive enhances employee motivation somewhat, the key to a major employee-motivation advantage relative to other companies comes from improving all four drives in concert.

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