C-Suite Intelligence 13th July 2020

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Research to define consumer trends in the next 18 months
The Changemakers report defines the  macro trends to expect in the next 18 months. Consumers tend to be poor at describing their own behaviours, and even worse at predicting the future, so the report looks for signals from ‘Changemakers’ -  the early adopters and influencers that drive change.
This research study comprises of 600 quantitative and 24 qualitative interviews across the UK, US and China.

Seven things you should say to your team more often to inspire them
Entrepreneurs share some of the most important things leaders should say to their employees:
  1. I don't know. Admitting to your team that you don't know something is not a sign of weakness.
  2. What do you think? Leaders should encourage their team members to share their opinions and suggestions.
  3. What would you do if I weren't here? Leaders should empower their teams to make decisions in their place.
  4. I appreciate you. Any leader taking an honest look at their achievements will realise they've received help from many people.
  5. Good job. Here's how to make it better. It's important to communicate when there is room for improvement.
  6. What can make your life easier? When you ask someone what can make their life easier, they will tell you what is not working.
  7. What are you interested in? Showing interest in what drives your workforce will help you forge a stronger bond with them. 
Why technology is the strategic issue of our time
Success in today’s market requires CEOs and their teams to actively and aggressively build new businesses, business models, products, and services using new and rapidly maturing technologies. It also requires dispelling five myths that permeate management thinking: 
  1. Technology is the responsibility of CIOs and CTOs
  2. Technology is a silver bullet
  3. Technology trumps strategy
  4. All tech companies should act like Silicon Valley behemoths
  5. Newcomers will disrupt incumbents
This report explores these myths and how CEOs and their leadership teams should respond to them.   
Three biases that shaped CEOs’ pandemic response
Harvard Business Review
During a crisis, leaders need to stay objective and rational. That’s often easier said than done, especially when you’re making important decisions with limited time and resources. Knowing which decision-making biases you bring to the table, and how to combat them, will help you better manage future crises.
This fascinating research study based on a survey of 500 CEOs of Chinese firms reveals three pairs of common biases:
  1. “The glass is half full” versus “the glass is half empty.”
  2. Costs versus people.
  3. Short-term versus long-term thinking.
It also explains the managerial implications of each one, and the ways that leaders can combat them.

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