C-Suite Intelligence 13th January 2021

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Leading the Data Revolution

20 January, 3:00 - 4:15 PM

Gone are the days of restricting data access to just data teams. To succeed in innovating and maximise the value of their data, forward-looking leaders must increase data literacy at every level of their organisation and make self-service analytics a reality.

In this session, Nellie Marangou, Whitehat’s Data Science Coach, will lead a discussion with other Senior Executives on how to to:

  • Understand rewards of developing business teams with the data mindset.
  • Assess the level of data literacy within your workforce.
  • Hear relevant case studies about data misinterpretation and misuse.
  • Discuss challenges and best practice with other business leaders.
  • Develop data capabilities with the Apprenticeship Levy.




De-risking digital and analytics transformations

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey recently surveyed 100 digital and analytics transformation leaders from companies across industries and around the globe. While the benefits of digitisation and advanced analytics are well documented, the risk challenges often remain hidden. Several key findings emerged:

  • Digital and analytics transformations are widely undertaken now by organisations in all sectors.
  • Risk management has not kept pace with the proliferation of digital and analytics transformations - a gap is opening that can only be closed by risk innovation at scale.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic environment has exacerbated the disparity between risk-management demands and existing capabilities.
  • Most companies are unsure of how to manage digital risks; leading organisations have, however, defined organisational accountabilities and established a range of effective practices and tools.

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COVID-19: Which trends will stick?

Bain & Company

This article uses primary research alongside four economic forecasting tools to predict the long term impact of COVID-19.

Findings include

  • 60% of people using videoconferencing today plan to use it just as much or more after the pandemic is over.
  • 60% percent of consumers expect to maintain or increase the use of food delivery platforms.

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