C-Suite Intelligence 13th August 2020

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How to give difficult feedback to colleagues
Source Interaction
This short video, produced by Source Interaction, has received a good response from our members. In less than three minutes it tells you how to give difficult feedback to colleagues in a positive and impactful manner – and also tells you what not to say!


The art of disruptive leadership
In a crisis, leadership teams have to organise and carry out rapid and effective innovation under high stress. Operating according to the pre-established procedures will not produce good results.

This article gives practical tips to help leaders innovate under pressure and move beyond 'routine' innovation and achieve 'preemptive' innovation. 
New research on UK attitudes to returning to work
This new survey of 300 UK office employees reveals key insights into current attitudes to the return to work. Findings include:
  • 53% of office workers feel more at ease working from home and 27% feel it is too unsafe to go back to the office, and 15% don’t want to return at all.
  • Seeing colleagues in person is the main reason Brits want to head back to the office, with 77% admitting they are missing their work friends.
  • Hot desking (62%), along with sharing tech equipment such as keyboards, printers, and mice (52%) are big concerns for employees.
  • 42% say they won’t offer to make tea or coffee for their colleagues on their return to work.
  • 61% of workers say they’re unlikely to use communal items such as microwaves, fridges, crockery and cutlery when they first go back to the office.

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