C-Suite Intelligence 12th October 2020

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Six building blocks for revitalised B2B marketing and sales

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COVID-19 has brought face-to-face activities such as sales visits, trade shows and demonstrations to a halt.

For CMOs to respond effectively, they need to accelerate digital investments in virtual models for engaging customers. Launching or bolstering e-commerce, virtual trade shows and digital configuration tools can be done in a matter of months.

Focusing on these quick wins first will enable progress with slower moving technology investments, such as ERP, CRM or CMS systems, which often take a year and a half to three years to deliver returns.

This article details six building blocks that will help realise the benefit of these changes:

  1. Apply design thinking to meet the needs of specific customer personas.
  2. Drive the automation of work activities by rethinking jobs and business processes.
  3. Leverage more flexible and modular infrastructure, digital tools, and ways of working.
  4. Consider changes to the sales and distribution chain to better leverage digitisation, respond to omnichannel models, and differentiate your customer experience.
  5. Link marketing and sales to the supply chain.
  6. Measure the impact of your efforts on customer and employee experiences.



18 tips for leaders in a crisis

Harvard Business School

This article collects ideas from 80 items and research papers published by Harvard Business School on the topic of meeting the challenges of COVID-19.

Tips are provided for improving people management, strategy, marketing, and organisational design.

Strategic transformation: getting the ‘how’ right


Once a company decides it is time to pursue a major transformation, the big question becomes ‘how?’.

Failed transformation programs can result in a weaker positioning in the market, an exodus of talent, diminished capabilities, and a substantial loss of shareholder value. In contrast, getting the “how” right can deliver clearly quantified sustainable advantage for the organisation.

This article shares a strategic transformation architecture composed of 10 building blocks.


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