C-Suite Intelligence 12th November 2020

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Global Cyber Risk Literacy and Education Index: A measurement of population development toward understanding cyber risk

Oliver Wyman

Governments around the globe have begun taking a more active role in geographic cybersecurity, releasing national strategies, dedicating resources to cyber defence, and exploring methods to equip companies with stronger protections.

Yet governments often overlook one major issue: how can they cultivate a population that is conscious of cyber risks and continue to seek to understand how to practice safe digital habits?

While many governments pay lip service to the need for a cyber-educated workforce or students who use the Internet safely, few truly understand the magnitude of the challenge or comprehend the foundational overhaul of education and business practice that’s required.

The Oliver Wyman Forum’s Cyber Risk Literacy and Education Index provides a comprehensive framework for measuring literacy at the population-wide level to enable geographies to discover best global practices and focus their attention on areas of need.

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How to recruit for diversity

Financial Times

Building diverse teams is about harnessing the power of different perspectives. Cognitive diversity moves companies away from accepting the status quo and challenges established norms. This sets the stage for unlocking innovation, yielding breakthrough results.

The boldest leaders will look beyond their immediate locale to the global pool of talent.

Identify what skills you need: Move away from “I want people with X years’ experience”. Instead, focus on traits that would make candidates successful, such as intellectual curiosity and rigour, initiative, collaboration skills and commitment.

Attract the right employees: Start with demonstrating consciousness about a candidate’s first experience of your company. Is your content representative of your culture, your values and your workforce? 

Beware a box-ticking exercise: No one wants to be objectified as a corporate social responsibility publicity stunt. It is important to surround yourself with highly capable staff with differing viewpoints who are confident to respectfully challenge your business and its ambitions.

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Building an antifragile organisation

CEO Today

Stratagems for increasing antifragility fall into three modes:

  • Adapt through experimentation
  • Decentralise, diversify, duplicate
  • Trade to learn

This article, for each stratagem, examines the assets and mechanisms that make Amazon an antifragile organisation (see table below).

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