C-Suite Intelligence 11th September 2020

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Best practice example of cyber-security vision, mission and strategy


Toshiba’s Cyber Security Report 2020 provides an excellent example of how to communicate cyber security initiatives to customers, shareholders, suppliers, and other stakeholders.



The seven new rules of a more powerful and effective approach to Enterprise Architecture


The seven principles outlined in this report are critical to helping you build a capable EA function that delivers for all of your stakeholders.

Among other insights the report suggests three “big questions” to help you plan your future-ready EA function:
  1. What needs to change to make EA data more easily available to our stakeholders?
  2. How do we create cultural change to embrace collaboration, engagement, agility and flexibility?
  3. What can we automate to release EA resources to focus on high-level, high-value activities?

Operations-driven sustainability

McKinsey & Company

For business leaders already facing a difficult journey into the post-COVID next normal, sustainability and profitability can look like conflicting goals. Large-scale investments in renewable energy, advanced manufacturing technologies, or alternative materials may appear harder to justify in an environment when many organisations are re-examining their costs, product portfolios, and capital plans.

Sustainability doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. When companies optimise their operations - whether to increase productivity, improve quality, or reduce cost - better environmental performance can be a by-product. Efficient manufacturing processes and supply chains don’t just cost less to run, they also consume less energy, use fewer resources, and produce less waste.

Today, many of the world’s largest businesses are learning how to maximise these synergies between operational excellence and environmental benefit, designing and executing improvement initiatives to address both cost and sustainability goals simultaneously. This article provides examples to illustrate the potential.

E-book: The guide to remote working
This e-book, based on guidance from experts, provides advice on all aspects of working from home, including for employers, as well as Human Resources and IT leaders.

From establishing a clear and concise working from home policy to ensuring that cybersecurity is not compromised, the guide is a comprehensive resource.

It also delves into how professionals can make the most of the situation to be as productive as possible once they are working from home, how to create the ideal workspace and how to ensure that work-life balance is maintained for employees. The e-book is available here.


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