C-Suite Intelligence 11th November 2020

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Executive Roundtable: How does leadership need to change as we navigate an uncertain world?

Wednesday 25th November  2020
9:00 – 10:30 am

Ready or not, organisations have had to find great agility and adaptability to respond to the disruption we are living through. Trust and goodwill have been built as organisations have come together and people at all levels have stepped up.

But further challenges and difficult decisions lie ahead. Many organisations are facing significant change and newly-built trust with employees will be under significant pressure. Leaders must now contemplate how they can guide their people through uncertainty.

Sheridan Resolutions is hosting an Executive Roundtable to offer a confidential, peer to peer opportunity for leaders to share the challenges they are facing and explore possible responses to the question, “How does leadership need to change as we navigate an uncertain world?"


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Get your company in shape by redefining how people work

Strategy + Business

Leaders are eager to adopt ways of working that will help them become adaptable, and able to weather bigger storms.

In the past, executives turned to concepts such as total quality management to identify efficiencies. Then came enterprise resource planning software. Practices like Six Sigma led to process improvement. But none of these strategies were holistic.

Enter BXT, a new way of working, through which business, experience, and technology blend seamlessly to deliver results. BXT redefines how people engage with one another and with clients, allowing them to focus on better outcomes.

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Employees are worried about cyber-attacks - but not as much as they should be


A research study by PwC reveals that most employees are worried on some level about the dangers of cyber-attacks. But only 22% are very worried about personal financial loss from an attack, and just 15% say they’re very worried about their emails being exposed.

Employees and their devices have become the primary gateway to cyber incidents and breaches in recent years. The cost of breaches is borne by individuals as much as by corporations.

So communication and training should include information that helps employees understand the ramifications cyber-attacks can have on them personally, as well as on the company.

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