C-Suite Intelligence 11th January 2021

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Five workforce trends to watch in 2021



  1. COVID-19 has reminded us of the dual imperatives of worker well-being and work transformation, but executives are still missing the importance of connecting the two. Organisations that integrate well-being into the design of work will build a sustainable future where workers can feel and perform at their best.
  2. Empowering workers with agency and choice creates more value than overly prescriptive approaches. Organisations that afford workers the agency and choice to explore passion areas will be able to more quickly and effectively activate workers around emerging business priorities.
  3. Superteams can give organisations the opportunity to re-architect work in more human ways, leveraging technology to elevate teams’ ability to learn, create, and perform in new ways to achieve better outcomes.
  4. We’re entering a world in which it’s becoming paramount that organisations shift from using workforce insights to improve old patterns of work to using it to set new directions.
  5. COVID-19 has earned many HR organisations the right to be bolder in orchestrating work throughout the enterprise. To seize this opportunity, HR needs to reorient its mission and mindset towards shaping future success by taking the lead in re-architecting work and re-imagining the workforce and workplace accordingly.

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21 ways to build a better working world in 2021

EY Global

What have we learned in 2020, and how can those insights help us re-frame the future for 2021 and beyond?

Despite the roll-out of vaccines in the closing weeks of 2020, the road to recovery from the global pandemic remains challenging. Economies have been badly affected by COVID-19 and it has fundamentally reshaped our lives. Many aspects of modern work have changed. Understanding which changes are here to stay will continue to be a priority for business in 2021.

Here, EY have curated their most useful insights and perspectives from the past year, to help leaders rethink the challenges they will face as the working world rebuilds, from strategy through operations to delivering long-term value.

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Creating a dynamic management system built for speed

Bain & Company

An integrated corporate management system helps establish priorities, allocate resources, review outcomes, and dynamically learn and adapt. Companies with strong management systems have five-year profit growth that is more than three times that of other companies.

This article outlines the key processes of a management system that will help achieve results.


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