C-Suite Intelligence 11th December 2020

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How to manage cyber risks without destroying business continuity and innovation


An IMD poll found that 94% of webinar participants had adopted Zoom this year, with 83% working with MS Teams and 71% using Skype. A second poll showed 68% of participants were at least moderately concerned that the pandemic had impacted their organisation’s cybersecurity and data privacy.

Here are four key insights to help organisations adapt to new technology with confidence, while mitigating the risk of cyberattacks or data loss.

  1. Tech is an enabler, not an inhibitor: A mix of platforms might be needed to do the job. Experiment with the different online communications and collaboration platforms out there to identify the ones that match your requirements.
  2. Stay informed: There are new tools and platforms emerging all the time. It’s important to keep yourself up to date.
  3. Know your responsibilities: You are the data owner and you have to take ownership. What are your responsibilities? What are the cloud service provider’s obligations? Where does the balance of shared responsibility lie?
  4. Move to a “manage and mitigate” mindset: It is not possible to eliminate all the risks. Instead, companies should learn to accept, manage and mitigate risks as part of a trade-off.

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Reimagining the way businesses operate

McKinsey & Company

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna and Unilever CHRO Leena Nair discuss how companies can organise for the next normal.

As these companies demonstrate, there’s isn’t one path to reimagining the organisation - leaders and their managers need to address the business as a dynamic system in which purpose, strategy, and learning are the necessary ingredients.

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The State of European Tech Report


Winmark NED network partner Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) have co-sponsored this in depth report providing a macro snapshot of The State of European Tech.

Amongst its many findings, the report confirms that the European technology sector has been a strong net beneficiary of the shift to digital with total capital investment projected to exceed a record $41 billion in 2020 (see chart below).


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