C-Suite Intelligence 11th August 2020

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How to prepare for a difficult conversation you can't have in person
Delivering a well-placed message takes skill, but good communication starts with clear thinking, careful planning and calibrated emotions. Here are four ways business owners can prepare for tough conversations with greater intention and reflection, especially when they can't have them face to face:

1. Define your desired outcome.
2. Anticipate what will be seen and said.
3. Script before you speak.
4. Make sure to vent first. 

While it's certainly preferable to have tough conversations face to face, current conditions may not allow it. When you can't meet in person, taking proactive and preventative steps can make all the difference in how your exchange plays out. And while there's no telling how others may respond, you can be sure that success follows preparation, no matter the forum. 


Closing the distance on remote working


You want to be a successful leader—especially in times when you may be remote or more distanced from your team. But how? The most important attributes to engender support from team members and enhance commitment are responsiveness and accessibility. When team members can get in touch with you, and when you get back to them in a timely way, it is a powerful path toward engagement, commitment and performance.

Being responsive contributes significantly to positive relationships with team members and to their commitment. Consider your mindset and be sure you are empowering people, trusting them and getting to know what their unique needs are. Also pay attention to tactics that will help you be more productive and, therefore, more responsive. Hold one-on-ones, create calendar transparency, be on time, plan and prioritise, make decisions in the moment and say thank you. These mechanics will help you add value and build relationships with your team members, fostering motivation and commitment over time.

Why Londoners are refusing to return to the office


Only 34% of U.K. office workers are working in their normal location, according to a recent survey by analysts at Morgan Stanley. In France, Germany, Italy and Spain the figure ranges from 70% to 83%. In London, nearly half of office staff are working from home five days a week, compared with just 20%-33% for peers in the financial hubs of greater Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid. 

London has more than 2,600 high-rise buildings, compared with less than 1,000 in Frankfurt and Paris, according to real-estate data provider Emporis. It’s hard to get people through turnstiles and up lifts in numbers with social distancing.


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