C-Suite Intelligence 11st June 2020

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Is leadership your agile blind spot?
BCG asked 65 senior executives, whose companies are in the midst of large-scale agile transformations, to rank the relative importance of eight enablers.
“Leadership, culture, and behaviour” ranked first. But when asked which enablers their organisations are best equipped to tackle, they ranked next to last.
Their research shows that to be successful, leaders of agile and digital transformations adhere to six behaviours:
  • Aligning and empowering. Set the vision, explain the why, and then let go
  • Continuously learning. Seek and act on feedback
  • Acting as one team. Prioritise the goals of the organisation over the objectives of individuals or business units
  • Always helping. Help teams with what they need to succeed (no request is too small)
  • A bias to action. Start by doing rather than planning or discussing
  • Outcome oriented. Talk to customers to understand what matters to them


A case for the office workplace
This article puts an impassioned case for why the office should not go away. It argues that the office is critical for individuals, teams and organisations because it provides:
  • Humanity and innovation
  • Purpose and energy
  • Health and wellbeing (including variety, movement and thinking)
  • Talent and empowerment
  • Empathy and reinforcement of culture
Financial stress testing: A COVID-19 survival technique for business
McKinsey & Company
In this podcast, available in audio and transcript format, Arvind Govindarajan, a McKinsey partner focused on risk and advanced analytics, walks through applications of financial stress testing including:
  • How financial stress testing can inform and support business strategy
  • Why previous assumptions and traditional forecasting methods are insufficient to cope with the crisis
  • How the pandemic has severed the link between supply and demand  
Effective liquidity management during COVID-19
Oliver Wyman
The pandemic has exposed important gaps in the frameworks, analytic tools and processes by which companies make decisions regarding liquidity.
Closing critical gaps should be a priority considering the likelihood of multiple waves of a prolonged economic downturn.
This paper helps companies to look forward and build well-defined liquidity management capabilities. 

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