C-Suite Intelligence 10th June 2020

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CFO leadership in the COVID-19 crisis
McKinsey & Company
As companies craft their responses to the COVID-19 crisis, CFOs are in the thick of the action. They need to make sure their organisations weather the immediate business shocks while preparing to emerge from the crisis in the best possible shape.
In this podcast, McKinsey Strategy and Corporate Finance communications director Sean Brown talks with three corporate finance experts about the top imperatives for CFOs today.  


The future of the supply chain
Today’s globalised supply chain networks have been optimised to identify minimum lead times at the lowest possible costs.

However, rapid political developments and a global pandemic have revealed the hidden costs of single-source dependencies and poor flexibility in adapting to real-time shocks.

Over the next several years, as we undertake a broader overhaul of our logistics infrastructure, a new order will emerge based on three key dimensions: 
  1. From globalisation to regionalisation
  2. Supply chain stress tests - a new norm
  3. The human dimension returns 
This article outlines how these trends are occurring much faster as a result of COVID-19.   
The FinOps approach to controlling cloud costs
David Linthicum, MD at Deloitte, and David Bernstein, MD at Cloud Strategy Partners, discuss strategies for controlling cloud costs using the FinOps approach.

Much the way DevOps revolutionised development by increasing agility and breaking down silos, FinOps unites technology, finance and the business through systems and processes focused on maximising the value of the cloud.
Survey of global HR leaders on actions taken during the pandemic
MIT Sloan Management Review
A survey of 441 global HR leaders asked about the most pressing issues they were facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, what actions they had taken, and what had worked well in their organisations.
A key finding is that the shift to remote work provides opportunities to accelerate progress on strategic priorities. Nearly 10% of respondents mentioned remote learning opportunities as one of the most effective steps their organisation had taken to build their skills during the quarantine.

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