C-Suite Intelligence 10th July 2020

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Saving a generation from unemployment:

How to hire the best young people, and develop them into future leaders

15th July, 15:00 - 16:00
The Government announced a ‘Plan for Jobs’ for young people as part of their economic recovery plan, including a range of subsidies to support businesses who wish to create opportunities for young people.
Apprenticeships, shown at the top of the government’s agenda, create high quality opportunities for young people and support a sustainable economic recovery that sets the UK up for the long term. They can be used to embed a broad range of essential skills, particularly in areas like digital and tech, that post-COVID are front of mind for every employer, as well as allowing a diverse range of young people to start their career.
This raises a number of questions for firms wishing to create opportunities for young people and benefit from the available bonuses:
  1. How do I access the diverse talent eligible for the apprenticeship bonus?
  2. How do I develop them into change makers who turbocharge their careers and deliver in their roles?  
In this session, we’ll discuss apprenticeships and the Government’s new programme. 


In conversation with Michael Moore, Director General, The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA)
London Business School
Michael Moore, Director General of the BVCA discusses the state of the UK and Global business fundraising environment, including whether or not government credit programmes should look at supporting companies owned by Private Equity firms through this crisis.
Fit-for-context leadership
Strategy + Business
Most leadership writers have followed the same basic approach. They study successful leaders and try to derive practices that aspiring leaders can adopt. Amit Mukherjee, a professor of leadership and strategy at Hult International Business School, rejects this approach in his intriguing new book, Leading in the Digital World.
Mukherjee contends that the practices of business leaders must evolve with the technological context of their times. “Periodically, technologies appear that …require dramatic changes in the nature of work, which, in turn, require profound changes in how people are organised. That changes how people must be led.”
Mukherjee makes a convincing case that digital technologies are creating new contexts for leadership.

IT services: who will win when demand bounces back?
Oliver Wyman
IT services are facing a demand shock, with CTO’s and CIO’s priorities shifting to damage control and external spend being cut. The recovery will be faster than for previous big crises and the rebound will be fastest for players with a diversified client industry coverage and portfolio strengths in digital and cloud offerings.
This article explores in detail how IT services providers and CIOs should set their course for the future.

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