C-Suite Insights15th December 2021

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Focusing on mindset, skills and knowledge to build better leaders 

Harvard Business School 

Many companies lack a strong development culture and fail to realise the potential of their best middle managers.  

This article provides a framework for helping middle managers grow and develop their full leadership potential. It focuses on the cultivation of a leader’s mindset, facilitating the exploration of skills and harnessing knowledge.  

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How CEOs can pass the cybersecurity leadership test 


Digital transformations have come with increased cyberattacks globally which means that CEOs need to actively engage in their leadership roles and company’s cyber matters. They need to work with CISOs to help employees understand the cybersecurity implications of their decisions. 

The PwC 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey covers four areas of focus for CEOs looking to adapt new approaches: 

  1. Principle 
  2. People 
  3. Prioritisation 
  4. Perception 

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Mapping the motivations that matter for today’s consumers 


In a recent study of more than 25,000 consumers across 22 countries, 50% of respondents claimed that the pandemic caused them to rethink their personal purpose and change their buying habits. These consumers are referred to as the “reimagined” and are presenting new opportunities for companies.  

This study highlights the importance for businesses of trying to understand these “reimagined” consumers.  

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