C-Suite Insights 9th June 2021

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The five myths of resilience


Bain & Company


Resilience has clearly become more important for companies in all sectors. The need for resilience will heighten as new risks emerge. Yet the dynamics of resilience aren’t always well understood by senior executives and boards of directors.


This article outlines five myths of resilience, and how to subsequently develop the right level and type of resilience through a combination of long-term vision, a deep understanding of company and industry economics, and a significant dose of creativity.


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Implementing a digital transformation




This article explores how digital transformation strategies in the industrial sector can draw on insights gained from companies in other sectors.


It argues that rather than developing siloed solutions for individual building blocks, one team should oversee all digital initiatives and serve as an air-traffic controller to coordinate the many moving parts. It will own the program and transform the company culture, processes, and operating model, always keeping the focus on the business and customer needs. In addition, carefully chosen collaborations help avoid many common pitfalls.


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Unlocking digital potential



This series of articles explores what operating model characteristics allow organisations to harness the power of digital and achieve breakthrough results. By using tangible examples, the article examines each of these digital game-changers in more detail:

  • The digital value gap
  • Proven practices from leading technology players
  • Ten digital game changers

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