C-Suite Insights 9th July 2021

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A guide to achieving high-performance, low-cost logistics



Logistics is one of the major indirect spend categories for many companies. As shippers aim to minimise inventory, mitigate disruptions, and explore new business opportunities, logistics can define the success of the customer relationship.


To realise long-term sustainable cost control while maintaining high performance, organisations must turn to the foundations of the logistics function. This article provides an excellent overview of the key components that improvement initiatives often miss.

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The power of human migration in the 21st century




This report explores the innovative potential arising from the global movement of skilled workers and examines the implications for CEOs and policymakers. It proposes that CEOs and policymakers take four actions:

  1. Start from the top. Begin by focusing on migrants who have either a university education or vocational training.
  2. Create win-wins. Close the innovation and growth loops between countries of origin and destination countries by designing multilateral policies, firm engagement, and technology to digitally accelerate the circular flow of ideas, capital, and ideals.
  3. Strive for vitality. The diversity of immigrant inflows and of emigrant outflows should become a key lever to increase the innovative potential inherent in both in a politically sustainable way.
  4. Innovate to lead. As a business leader, recognise and act on the immediate talent advantage inherent in global talent pools - but do not stop there. Embrace the functional diversity it brings to jointly solve hard problems of discovery in innovation.

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A CEO guide to today’s value creation ecosystem


Strategy + Business


It is vital for all leaders to be cognisant of the broad value creation ecosystem, given its profound implications for the creation or destruction of enterprise value. As we advance into the post-pandemic world, this will be perhaps the single biggest business challenge facing every CEO.


The opportunities for organisations that understand and manage all their value levers in a responsive and coordinated way are mirrored by deep pitfalls for those that fail to do so.


This article outlines how to set and execute your strategy to align with resiliency and societal value as well as financial productivity.

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