C-Suite Insights 8th February 2021

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A collection of resilience tools


This comprehensive collection of resilience tools provides an excellent source of activities and resources to help build the mental toughness of you and your team, including:

  • 17 science-based resilience building activities
  • A mental toughness questionnaire
  • Eight exercises and techniques for increasing mental strength
  • Resilience activities for groups
  • Master resilience training (MRT) exercises used in the army
  • Useful YouTube Videos
  • PowerPoint presentations on resilience.

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Resilience in the workforce in 2021 and beyond


This article explores four ways in which organisations can effectively transform how they operate in order to build a more resilient workforce.

  • Strive for anti-fragility
  • Co-exist with non-traditional workers
  • Identify the relevant skills
  • Build cross-functional and self-directed teams.

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2021 Deloitte Global Resilience Report


This report is based on a survey of 2,260 private and public-sector C-Suite executives in 21 countries and across multiple industries.

It examines how leaders coped with the unexpected challenges of 2020 and what specific strategies helped their organisations succeed.

These are important issues because most global C-Suite executives believe 2020 may not be an outlier. More than 60% said they think we’re likely to see either occasional or regular disruptions of this scale going forward.

It confirms that organisations that plan and invest in anticipation of disruption are better positioned to adapt, rebound, and endure, and explores in detail the five common platforms of resilient organisations: preparedness, adaptability, collaboration, trust and responsibility.


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