C-Suite Insights 8th December 2021

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Managing change: What lies behind G&A spend transformation


McKinsey & Company


This article revisits a 2020 survey of C-suite leaders to find out how their priorities for transforming sales, general and administration (SG&A) have changed over time. Findings - based on a recent consultation with 350 senior executives - include:

  1. Digital solutions are in the spotlight
  2. A slowdown in transformation impact
  3. SG&A cost-reduction targets are declining
  4. Remote working has increased productivity
  5. There has been an increase in outsourcing

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Innovation is everyone’s business




Offering employees the tools and motivation to create ideas is key to an innovative organisation. However, it is not always obvious how to achieve this.


This article highlights three key processes necessary to build an “innovation engine” into any organisation:

  1. Democratisation of idea creation
  2. Closing the gap to clients
  3. Motivating creativity

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Do you know how your teams get work done?


Harvard Business Review


A research study involving 14 teams comprising 283 employees from four Fortune 500 companies found that on average, managers were unaware or could not remember 60% of the work their teams do. This knowledge gap could be extremely costly for both small and big businesses.


This article highlights machine learning (ML) algorithms as a potential solution to this issue by learning how teams use technology to do their work.


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