C-Suite Insights 7th May 2021

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Practical framework on return to the office


The Law Society


This is a comprehensive guide to all of the key practical and legal issues that businesses will need to address when returning to the office.


Although law firms are the primary audience for this information, the toolkits and guidance are highly relevant to businesses in all sectors and of all sizes. It is an excellent first port of call when developing your return strategy.


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Boards and decision making


McKinsey & Company


This discussion, available in transcript and audio, tackles the topic of decision making in the boardroom.


Experts involved in the discussion include Aaron De Smet and Leigh Weiss, who help organisations improve their performance and agility; and Suzanne Nimocks board director of ArcelorMittal, Owens Corning, Ovintiv (formerly Encana), and Valaris (formerly Ensco Rowan).


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30 statistics that foretell rapid robotics and automation adoption


Fintech News


These 30 e-commerce statistics demonstrate how digitization is currently impacting warehouse automation, order fulfillment in logistics and supply chain management. The business drivers underlying these statistics mean that automation deployments, including both fixed and mobile robotics systems, will increase rapidly in the coming years.


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