C-Suite Insights 7th July 2021

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Report reveals the blind spots that are impeding leaders in their roles


The Chartered Governance Institute


The second part of this report (the first part is available here) highlights the dangers of business leaders having blind spots and puts forward a convincing case for businesses to get on the front foot with emerging trends and issues.


The findings are based on a survey of 310 company secretaries, board directors, and C-Suite executives. The report challenges leaders to get out of their bubbles, notice instinctive responses and reconsider whether the criteria used to make decisions are fit for purpose. The report suggests practical governance approaches, supported by data and psychological insight.

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Partner to win in the Internet of Things (IoT) age




The market for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to see explosive growth over the next few years - from about $1.6 billion in 2018 to more than $12 billion by 2024.


As the competitive landscape changes and more players enter the IoT game, the business and the associated delivery models will evolve. Whether it’s more resiliency through strengthened partnerships and predictable revenue streams, a greater emphasis on sustainability, or formalised strategies around the voice of the customer and vertical supply chain integration initiatives, an array of areas offer tremendous opportunities for firms to create differentiated value.


This article highlights insights on the key players in the market, the winning value propositions, and the role of partnerships with the broader ecosystem to create lasting value for businesses and customers.

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ESG: business, employee and consumer attitudes survey




This study of 5,005 consumers, 2,510 employees, and 1,257 business leaders in the US, Brazil, the UK, Germany and India asked about several key ESG issues.


The findings indicate that consumers have different perceptions than business leaders about where ESG investments are flowing, and they’re looking for information about ESG in different places than where businesses are currently reporting.

There is a disconnect between consumer and management perception - many more executives than consumers believe that companies are increasing investments across ESG issues.

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