C-Suite Insights 6th September 2021

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Skills for the future: driving transformation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise




Join Multiverse (partners to the Winmark CEO and NED network) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise at 10:30 am on 8th September to learn more about their innovative approach to building critical skills in-house through apprenticeships to drive digital transformation.


Sue Preston, Vice President & GM UKIMESA, and Vedran Podobnik, Strategic Advisor for Data, AI & Containers will cover:

  • Upskilling HPE’s workforce and establishing a truly data-driven culture
  • Enabling employees to understand when they failed – faster – to drive business forward
  • Winning the war for critical skills, retaining and developing key employees with the Apprenticeship Levy.


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Boards, talent, and culture


McKinsey & Company


Board members are increasingly challenging management to ensure the organisation’s talent pipeline can meet the needs of the strategy.

In this discussion (available as transcript and audio), two experts give their view: Hugo Bague, a former group executive at Rio Tinto and a non-executive director on the board of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL); and Mary Meaney, a globally recognised leader on change management and organisational transformations


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Facilitate collaborative breakthrough with these moves


Strategy + Business


Every group that is collaborating needs to work through the five basic questions - not just once at the beginning of the collaboration, but multiple times, iteratively, as the collaboration unfolds.

The facilitator therefore needs to make the alternating horizontal and vertical moves over and over. Facilitating in this transformative way can help groups break down barriers, and thus move forward together on their most important and daunting challenges.

  • How do we see our situation? This question is about the reality that the group is working together to address. If we can’t understand our reality, we can’t be effective in transforming it.
  • How do we define success? What outcomes are we trying to produce through our efforts? If we don’t know what our finish line is, we can’t know whether we’re making progress.
  • How will we get from here to there? What is our route from where we are to where we want to be? This question is about the way we will move forward - the approach, process, methodology, and steps.
  • How do we decide who does what? What is our approach to coordinating and aligning our efforts? This question is about how we will organise ourselves to collaborate across our differences, without necessarily relying on our usual roles and hierarchies.
  • How do we understand our role? What is our responsibility in this situation? This question is about how we each position ourselves with regard to our situation and our collaborative effort to address it.


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