C-Suite Insights 6th December 2021

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​​The CIO agenda for the next 12 months: six priorities 


McKinsey Digital 


This article identifies six areas where CIOs can focus their efforts to align IT with business goals: 

  1. Understanding the customer as well as the technology 
  2. Put cloud at the centre of tech strategy  
  3. Make developer experience the cornerstone of talent strategy 
  4. Become the faster learner 
  5. Make security an enabler of speed and growth 
  6. Choose better over more when it comes to data 

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Re-recruiting current employees 


Harvard Business Review  


According to Gallup research, 48% of employees are actively looking to move and nearly one in four will do so in the next six months. 


This Podcast features a discussion on how to tackle this increase in staff resignation, suggesting that employers should re-recruit their existing employees and even think of them as customers. Four steps are outlined to achieve this goal: 

  1. Be aware of your impact 
  2. Focus on potential and possibility 
  3. Make it okay to leave 
  4. Give your employees the respect and attention they deserve  

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C-Suite Executives to accelerate IT investment in 2022 


CCS Insight 


A recent survey of 700 C-Suite executives in business and IT roles explored investment and adoption plans for a range of topics including cloud computing, hybrid working, employee enablement, machine learning, 5G, extended reality and application development.  

Key findings include: 

  1. A rapid increase in public cloud investment with an estimated 45% of all business workloads now deployed on the cloud 
  2. Hybrid working is the new norm as office space drops 
  3. Emerging technology as a focus for innovation-driven transformation 
  4. Rising AI investment and deployment maturity leads to security and privacy concerns  
  5. Increase in extended reality potential  
  6. Investment in managed private networks is expected to be almost on par with that in public 5G services 


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