C-Suite Insights 6th August 2021

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What is your personal leadership brand?


Strategy + Business


This article suggests prompt questions to help develop a personal, authentic leadership brand:

  • What are the three values that are most important to you as a leader and a colleague - the consistent behaviours that everyone can rely on from you?
  • How have you lived those values in your career?
  • Why are they important to you for driving success?
  • If you were recruiting someone to join your team, what would you say to them about your leadership approach and philosophy?

Imagine taking over a new team of direct reports who ask you a series of questions in your first meeting with them: “What are your personal leadership values? Why are they important to you? What do they look like in practice? Where did they come from?”


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Staying visible when you’re not in the office


Harvard Business Review


How can you stay visible if you plan to work remotely full-time or most of the time while the rest of your team are in the office? This article offers four ways to ensure that you’re viewed as a valued contributor on your team:

  1. Recognise and guard against the negative assumptions that can come with remote work.
  2. Fight against the pull toward transactional relationships.
  3. Make yourself physically visible. Keep your camera on when possible
  4. Ensure you’re easy to work with.


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How senior executives should – and shouldn’t – engage with customers




This article identifies five distinct archetypes describing the roles executives play with key customers, based on 30 executive education workshops with more than 500 strategic and global account managers in the USA, Netherlands, Switzerland and Singapore.


From most to least common, these archetypes are the 'hands-off', the ‘loose cannon’, the ‘social visitor’, the ‘dealmaker’ and the ‘growth champion’. Each comes with its own set of rewards and risks and has a different impact on business performance.


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