C-Suite Insights 5th November 2021

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​​​​​​Global study reveals CEOs are more self-aware, yet need to become more relational and adaptive


Egon Zehnder


This new study reveals that self-reflection and personal development have jumped to be among the top of CEO priorities as they become increasingly self-aware, realising that the key to prosperity is to improve the human side of their leadership. Key findings include:

  • 83% of leaders find it essential to reflect on their own leadership style – up from 66% in a 2018 study.
  • Two-thirds of CEOs report that the ultimate metrics that steer their decisions have remained consistent, despite new social and economic business expectations that they express support for.
  • More than half of all respondents, see relational capabilities as a key blind spot. Specifically, less than half of CEOs (44%) report they feel fully aligned with their teams, and even fewer with their boards – pointing to heightened levels of tension and increased need for collaboration

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The CIO agenda for the next 12 months: Six make-or-break priorities


McKinsey & Company


Large companies are looking for technology to be a dynamic force in their business. The clear implication is that CIOs need to make the leap from tech leader to business driver, and the actions they take in the next 12 months will largely determine whether their business can meet its aspirations.


This article identifies six areas where CIOs can focus their efforts to better align IT with business goals, based on detailed conversations with dozens of CIOs and CEOs over the past year as well as analysis of recent research.

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A guide to ‘open strategy’


Harvard Business Review


This article presents a framework for applying ‘open innovation’ methods at a strategic level.


A simple insight sits at its heart: strategy is developed in three distinct phases, each of them requiring a different solution to get the balance between openness and secrecy right. Depending on whether a company wants to open up in order to determine the direction it wants to take (idea generation phase), work out the exact details of their strategy (formulation phase), or mobilise staff around its strategy (execution phase) strategy making will involve different numbers and types of people, and requires different amounts and type of data.


By using the framework, strategy-makers can benefit from outside perspectives while maintaining appropriate levels of secrecy.

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