C-Suite Insights 5th May 2021

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What mix of WFH and office time is right for you?


Harvard Business Review


Many professionals will choose a hybrid approach to work after the pandemic, sometimes working from home, sometimes from the office.


Deciding where to spend each day isn’t always as obvious as it seems. This article describes a data-driven process for understanding where you’re most productive on which kinds of tasks and how to make a case that the resulting plan is also in the best interests of your organisation and your colleagues.


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COVID-19 Economics Monitor




The latest update of this COVID-19 monitor provides charts and data on economics including a GDP growth forecast for key international markets.


It also provides up-to date measures of market confidence in the euro area, UK and USA.

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The five core IT shifts of scaled agile organisations


McKinsey & Company


This article discusses the common challenges of achieving enterprise agility through the lens of IT. It outlines five shifts that CEOs and CIOs can make to get on the right track, increase the speed of IT by up to ten times, and reduce IT costs to match the level achieved by digital leaders.


Taken together, these five shifts can provide myriad improvements that build on companies’ efforts to address the strategy, structure, process, and people aspects of enterprise agility.


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