C-Suite Insights 5th January 2022

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Welcome to the first C-Suite insights post of 2022. The Winmark team wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!


The CEO’s playbook for a successful digital transformation 

Harvard Business Review 

This article presents five areas that CEOs can focus on to accelerate successful digital transformations: 

  1. Reimagine value and demystify digital 
  2. Give a reason for top talent to come work for you 
  3. Bring tech and data front and centre  
  4. Rebuild the operating model for speed 
  5. Commit to adoption of digital solutions with the same passion that you commit to strategy 

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Six ways leaders can adapt to the workplace of 2022 

MIT Sloan Management Review 

2021 was a year filled with some of the biggest challenges faced by companies including the supply chain crisis, encouraging a safe return to the office and the ‘great resignation’.  

Based on the lessons learned, this article offers six strategies that leaders can embrace in the new year: 

  1. Inclusive leadership 
  2. Cultivate better collaboration for teams 
  3. Be curious about what you don’t know and create space for dialogue 
  4. Prevent bias from hindering employee growth 
  5. Foster respect by building connections 
  6. Empower peer coaching and leadership on teams 

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Best risk management software for 2022 

CIO Insight 

Risk management and enterprise risk management are vital to the sustainability of an organisation. Through the use of risk management software, organisations can identify, assess and mitigate emerging and existing threats to their technology, finances and data.  

This article explores several risk management software solutions and their key features. 

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