C-Suite Insights 5th February 2021

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Report: The global economic impact of 5G in your sector


The promise of 5G has been echoed throughout the business world for years. By providing the basis for ubiquitous ultra-fast broadband, 5G opens up possibilities far beyond the reach of 4G or Wi-Fi 6.

This promise has only grown more critical today, as leaders consider how best to repair, rethink and reconfigure their business for the post–COVID-19 world.

This report quantifies 5G’s potential impact in economic terms. Drawing on expert insight and using economic modelling, it examines how key sectors - healthcare, smart utilities, consumer and media, industrial manufacturing, and financial services - stand to benefit from 5G technology between now and 2030.


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S&P Industry Top Trends 2021


2021 will likely see a sharp rebound in aggregate revenues, but beneath the surface, there’s a wide divergence in prospects across and within sectors.

This S&P report provides a ranked outlook by industry vertical, and predicts that M&A activity will be a key feature of the corporate landscape in the year ahead.


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World Economic Outlook: Latest data


The IMF has released its latest World Economic Outlook, including projections for growth this year following the contraction of 2020.

The strength of the recovery is projected to vary significantly across countries, depending on access to medical interventions, effectiveness of policy support, exposure to cross-country spill overs, and structural characteristics entering the crisis.

You can view a discussion about the predictions (with Gita Gopinath, Economic Counselor and Director of the IMF Research Department) here.

A summary of the data can be viewed at the link below.

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