C-Suite Insights 4th October 2021

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CEO network partner: Multiverse


We’re delighted to announce that our CEO network partner Multiverse closed a $130 million funding round that will help drive the next stage of their mission: to create a diverse group of future leaders, by building an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training.


Series C was led by D1 Capital Partners and BOND. D1 Capital Partners has invested in world-changing companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix. The team at BOND are renowned for their insights on future trends and shrewd investments in companies like PayPal, Google, and Apple.


Multiverse's ambitions are just as vast: professional apprenticeships offer a one-off chance to distribute opportunities based on talent, character and grit, while preparing people for the changing world of work. Read more here.


You are also invited to their global event:


Driving Equity and Building Skills through Professional Apprenticeships

26th Oct. 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST


With 84% of executives believing their teams lack the ability to deliver their digital strategies and conversations on workplace equity demanding focus in the boardroom, employers are all seeking answers to a similar question: how to access the best talent and skills for my organisation?


Learn more about professional apprenticeships as a solution to broadening access to opportunities and deepening digital skills with Nakul Mandan, founder of Audacious Ventures, and Sophie Ruddock, Multiverse's VP and GM of North America, and discover how a well-known global organization has implemented professional apprenticeships within their business.




How many people are really needed in a transformation?


McKinsey & Company


When leaders find ways to meaningfully involve 7% or more of their employees in a transformation, positive change starts to escalate.


‘Involvement’ is defined as having real ownership of an initiative or milestone that contributes to the transformation. Data from 60 organisations that are at least two years into their transformations shows that transformations with at least 7% of employees owning part of the transformation are twice as likely as those with less than 7% initiative ownership to have total returns to shareholders (TRS) in excess of their representative sector and geographic stock index.


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Brand reputation: Top 100 firms


Axios Harris


This poll of nearly 43,000 people ranked the top 100 brands by reputation across seven dimensions, over three key pillars:

  • Character: Includes a company’s culture, ethics, and citizenship (whether a consumer shares a company’s values or the company supports good causes)
  • Trajectory: Includes a company’s growth prospects, vision for the future, and product and service offerings (whether they are innovative, and of high quality)
  • Trust: Does a consumer trust the brand in the first place?

There is a notable year on year decline in the reputation of tech firms including Microsoft and Google.


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