C-Suite Insights 3rd September 2021

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CHRO perspectives on leading agile change


McKinsey & Company


The past year underscored the need for adaptability, speed, and rapid learning—qualities of an agile organisation. As companies look to move forward in their agile transformation journeys, senior HR leaders are focused on building leadership capabilities, developing new mindsets and behaviours, and sustaining momentum for the long road ahead. These organisational elements are key to unlocking the promise and potential of an agile transformation.


McKinsey convened a series of conversations with CHROs from Europe and Asia–Pacific to explore their organisations’ emerging agile working practices in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. These leaders represent companies from a wide range of sectors (telecommunications, banking, retail, and insurance) and at various stages of their agile transformations.


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Why understanding externalities is key


Ninety One


With the focus on sustainability intensifying, it is increasingly important for investors to understand companies’ impacts on stakeholders, the natural world and society.


In this paper, Winmark’s PensionChair network partner Ninety One share how their Multi-Asset team approach the evaluation of investment risks and opportunities arising from companies’ externalities.


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A shift in mindset can keep you from discarding digital innovation projects too soon



If your organisation has a history of shelved digital innovation projects, you might want to ask yourself if you have looked close enough at the true value of these projects. This article suggests a shift in perspective, to explore the extended and innovative potential of technology pilots, before binning them prematurely.


Ask yourself: How did your past innovation projects generate value? Was the value they generated only related to a specific issue, or did they have a wider impact – solving other issues, enabling other innovations, or giving you a competitive edge? T


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