C-Suite Insights 3rd November 2021

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Combining technology with human resources management




Technology tools can encourage knowledge sharing, trust building and socialisation. This study, based on a systematic review of 21 articles that span global virtual teams covering more than 40 countries, sectors, and industries includes tips for effective outcomes:

  • When having meetings by videoconference, open the room at least 10 minutes prior to start and also keep open after the meeting for folks to socialise.
  • To build team connectedness, start meetings with a quick ice breaker that allows team members to show their personality, interests, and other things they care about.
  • Leave a videoconference room and/or instant message channel open all day so that people can drop in/out as needed for quick consensus building, idea sharing, water cooler chat or socialisation.
  • Share with the team how to use synchronous tools asynchronously (Zoom recordings, Slack practices).
  • Make sure all team members have agreed upon standards for sharing knowledge in project management systems and communicating/updating one another, along with understanding what tool to use when, how, and why.

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Ensuring remote workers’ safety and welfare




Despite the many upsides of home-working, remote working means that employees can become isolated from colleagues and employers. Another common challenge employers need to tackle regarding remote working employees is how to ensure their health, safety, and welfare. This article advises on the key actions leaders need to take under the following headings:


  • Health and safety responsibilities
  • Risk assessments
  • Keeping remote workers connected
  • Taking action to reduce burnout

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To capture growth, B2Bs must overcome omnichannel pain points


McKinsey & Company


The rapid ramp-up in digital and remote sales has come with a learning curve. Pain points include finding the most effective way for field reps to work from home, making remote interactions feel as intimate as in-person experiences, and providing proofs of concept and digital demos that give buyers an equivalent level of insight to physical walk-throughs.


While no standard playbook has yet emerged for handling these challenges, one common theme holds true: companies continue to innovate their sales approaches and pivot resources at speeds not previously experienced in B2B sales.

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