C-Suite Insights 3rd March 2021

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2021 work trends impacting CHROs in 2021

HR & Digital trends

This article outlines the key trends that CHROs will need to grapple with in 2021, including:

  • Employers will shift from managing the employee experience to managing the life experience of their employees
  • New regulations will limit employee monitoring
  • Flexibility will shift from location to time
  • Leading companies will make bulk purchases of the COVID-19 vaccine for employees - and will be sued over COVID-19 vaccine requirements
  • Mental health support will expand
  • Employers will ‘rent’ talent to fill the skills gap
  • Jurisdictions will compete to attract talent rather than trying to get companies to relocate.

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Five challenges facing CHROs

Harvard Business Review

CHROs are relied upon not only to optimise talent performance, but also enterprise financial performance. This article suggests five key challenges CHROs should prioritise in the coming year, and outlines ways to address them:

  1. Managing a return to workforce growth
  2. Reskilling and upskilling employees
  3. Revamping HR systems and processes
  4. Recharging employee engagement and productivity
  5. Addressing diversity issues.

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Top tech issues facing HR leaders

Human Resource Executive

This article explores the tech challenges facing HR leaders in 2021 including:

  • A dramatic shift in enterprise priorities toward digital transformation
  • Increased focus on improved analytics and modelling
  • Higher proportions of HR professionals working from home.

A survey of HR leaders projects an 18% growth in the adoption of advanced analytics tools in 2021 and a 15% growth in the use of data visualisation tools. Implementing such tools and developing staff skills necessary to use them are critical to improving strategic decision-making, predictive insights and agility. Yet, improving analytical, modelling and reporting capabilities is the issue that HR struggles with the most.

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