C-Suite Insights 30thJune 2021

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Are you ready for the ESG revolution?



The impetus for business to address ESG issues and opportunities is likely to continue to grow, spurred by investors and shareholders, governments and policymakers, employees, suppliers and customers.


There is a heightened awareness of the risks that need to be identified and managed, but there is also a growing sense of the huge opportunities offered by the scale of the transformation society is now facing. Whether your journey starts as a response to a new reporting requirement or reflects a top-down strategy refresh, it will lead to a pervasive reappraisal of operations, activities, and (especially) outcomes throughout the business. It will also create opportunities to identify and realise significant new sources of value creation.

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The General Counsel Imperative


Robust legal entity management plays a key role in reducing risk and delivering on business strategy – yet many businesses are falling short.

This research reveals that the vast majority of companies face challenges in legal entity management that may impact business priorities including transactions and supply chain restructuring.


It concludes that in order to meet the challenge, organisations need a well-resourced team supported by best-in-class technology, capable of lowering overall costs and reducing the organisation’s risk exposure.

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2021 Global Marketing Trends Report


This report, based on two global surveys with 2,447 global consumers and 405 CMOs, CFOs, COOs, and CHROs identifies global marketing trends under five chapter headings:

  • Purpose
  • Agility
  • The Human Experience
  • Trust
  • Participation.

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