C-Suite Insights 30th July 2021

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Report: CFO and finance foresight




As businesses become more accustomed to turbulent landscapes, they know they must fundamentally transform the way they work to meet new expectations from consumers and ardent demands for sustainability. To thrive, organisations must connect, predict, and adapt at speed, placing data at their core and embedding digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), throughout.


CFOs and the finance function are taking an increasingly important role in this process. This report lays out the significant shifts that CFOs and finance must make to help their companies succeed.


Once considered a transactional, back-office function, finance and accounting will drive the next generation of strategic insights that build customer loyalty, uncover opportunities for growth, maximise value for all stakeholders, and support innovation.


From their position looking across the organisation, CFOs will become more strategic partners and empower their companies to address broad agendas. Finance is uniquely placed to help tackle enterprise challenges and become a source of innovation for future growth.


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Global economics intelligence executive summary


McKinsey & Company


The Global Economics Intelligence (GEI) summary provides macroeconomic data and analysis of the world economy.

Each release includes an executive summary on global critical trends and risks, as well as focused insights on the latest national and regional developments.


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Report: Technology Vision 2021




This report tracks the evolution of technology trends over the past three years and examines how they may continue to grow in the future.


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