C-Suite Insights 2nd July 2021

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Is remote working more productive? The answer based on remote work statistics and real experiences


Many companies have made the decision to transition to either a permanent 100% remote work model (like Quora, Basecamp, Shopify, Upwork and Drift) or a hybrid remote work model where remote work will remain a critical part of how they operate for the foreseeable future (Spotify, Slack, Hubspot).

This massive shift in the acceptance and long-term adoption of remote working has stirred up questions about what that future will look like in terms of productivity.

This article investigates these questions from several angles. It looks at statistics from before and after the pandemic, as well as real experiences from more than 20 company leaders who have been managing their remote teams for a year or more. 

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Make the right decision about bringing employees back to the office

Nate Bennett

Headlines such as the one from Business News Daily claiming ‘Working from Home Increases Productivity’ and from Bloomberg declaring ‘Employees are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Work From Home’ seem to leave little room for interpretation around management decisions to bring employees back to the office.

Unfortunately, nothing about people and work is so cut and dried.

This article looks behind the headlines to explore some of the complexities that leaders should take into account in a business environment that is awash with speculation but lacking good information.

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Optimising return-to-office strategies with organisational network analysis



This article shows how organisational network analysis can reveal the clusters of employees who most need to work together in person at some point during the working week.


The method answers three critical questions for hybrid work planning:

  • Who should be brought back together in a weekly cadence of in-person and virtual interactions?
  • What work should be prioritised in the now scarcer in-person time?
  • How do leaders manage the transition to a hybrid model with the least resistance?

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