C-Suite Insights 2nd August 2021

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Leadership toolbox: a coaching approach




A “coaching approach” can help managers and their teams keep up with our rapidly changing world. It can inspire teams to maximise their personal and professional potential.


This article outlines several tools including:

  • Listening deeply
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Crafting a reflective space
  • Focusing on human potential.

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How global companies can manage geopolitical risk


McKinsey & Company


Companies are walking a geopolitical tightrope. As political frictions inside and among regions heat up, the likelihood increases that they will affect a global enterprise’s operations, performance, or people. The challenges that geopolitical risks create will get worse. In the next two decades, competition for global influence is likely to reach its highest level since the Cold War.


Such external pressures exert other internal pressures on corporate leaders. Depending on the circumstance, a company’s leaders may have to weigh the effect that political or media scrutiny on the company’s operations in one area has on its holdings in other locales. They may have to balance, given the risks, short and long term market priorities.


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Building resilience: How C-Suite executives can not only 'bounce back', but 'bounce up' from adversity




This article outlines a model for ‘whole-person’ resilience across the following realms:

  • The personal realm - the domain of self-awareness and self-mastery.
  • The interpersonal realm - relationship mastery.
  • The extrapersonal realm - the external, ‘environmental’ conditions that need to be navigated to bolster resilience and achieve broader impact and legacy.

It argues that ‘whole-person’ resilience allows leaders to activate a resilience strategy, more effectively guide others, boost productivity, and build high-performing teams; and that by incorporating these methods into their daily practices, executives can also challenge belief systems that might be holding themselves and their organisations back.


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