C-Suite Insights 29th October 2021

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Using AI to measure emissions




Despite good intentions, companies say they are struggling to cut their emissions in line with targets. Their inability to measure appropriately is the leading roadblock.


This survey of 1,290 organisations with 1,000 employees or more across nine major industries worldwide finds out how they were measuring and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Questions addressed two primary themes: the methodology, scope, and limitations of greenhouse gas measurement; and the targets for, as well as the progress and limitations on, reducing those emissions.


The results suggest AI-supported tools can help companies meet this challenge. Businesses can leverage these tools to automatically ingest and report data, calculate a carbon footprint, run simulations, set targets and manage a global portfolio of abatement initiatives.


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The three IT processes CIOs need most




For IT to be competent, it must accomplish its work using well-designed, defined, and documented processes and practices. CIOs are accountable for all of them, but as a practical matter can’t personally guide a transformation of more than three.


In most IT organisations, the three process domains that most need the CIOs personal leadership are the help desk, application support, and IT architecture management. Polish these to a shine and IT will succeed. But only if IT operations shines too, which is why, paradoxically, CIOs should make sure to delegate that responsibility.


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Technology Report 2021


Bain & Company


Technology has become the primary force of disruption across all sectors, and it’s going to unleash unprecedented innovation and growth in the decade ahead. This detailed Technology Report identifies three broad themes:

  • The extraordinary impact that the cloud-based computing model has had over the last two decades
  • Nonmarket influences. Regulator and geopolitical relations are more consequential than ever.
  • Technology as an enabler.

It takes a global look at the tends and challenges, identifying regional differences (for example CIOs in Europe have stricter concerns about data security, governance, and regulatory compliance than elsewhere).

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