C-Suite Insights 28th May 2021

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How might the changing face of shareholder activism affect your company?



Shareholder activism is a growing feature of corporate life - from a full-blown proxy contest that seeks to replace the entire board, to shareholder proposals asking for policy changes or disclosure on some issue. In other cases, shareholders want to meet with a company’s executives or directors to discuss their concerns and urge action.

This practical summary identifies what leaders need to know to be prepared.

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Remuneration and ESG: What do you need to know?

Clifford Chance

Tying executive remuneration and broader pay conditions to environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures continues to be a hot topic.

Increasingly, companies' boards and remuneration/compensation committees are looking to manage ESG risks by linking them to conditions on executive pay. The level of interest in this area will only increase, as investors, consumers, staff and broader stakeholders put pressure on companies for a strong commitment to ESG, viewing pay as another way to hold companies and their executives to account.


This document summarises the key facts about the current status of ESG and remuneration globally.

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The impact of agility: How to shape your organisation to compete

McKinsey & Company

An agile operating model is becoming mainstream objective across many sectors. Agility has moved from theory to practice, from an unproven approach to a proven way to drive performance and gain a competitive advantage.


This article outlines best practice for whatever stage your organisation is on the journey, including the following research based insights:

  • For those who have not started, solid preparation is important. How can you get senior leaders to fully understand what agility means in practice at the enterprise level?
  • For those who have begun, assess how likely it is that your approach will ultimately deliver significant impact. Is the transformation solidly anchored on value creation and top of mind for the top team?
  • For those who are not seeing a step change in performance, reflect on why this is the case. Did you set high enough, tangible, and time-bound performance aspirations from the start?

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