C-Suite Insights 26th March 2021

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Report: The future of the Chief Sustainability Officer


This report summarises the findings of a global survey of 80 sustainability professionals working in over 70 different organisations. It includes perspectives from CSOs, CEOs and CROs along with heads of sustainability, ESG and strategy on the following key topics:

  • Why some firms have CSOs and others do not
  • What mandate firms typically give to their CSO
  • Which skills sets and leadership attributes are necessary to deliver that mandate
  • How CSOs contribute to governance
  • How the role is likely to evolve.

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Four key elements of a successful sustainability strategy

Think:Act Magazine

In early 2020, the World Economic Forum's Global Risk Report identified a number of threats to global prosperity over the next decade - the top five were environmental. The pressure on companies from governments, customers, investors and employees to address these issues has never been higher.

This article discusses how organisations can prioritise sustainability, maintain growth while also operating more responsibly.


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The characteristics of sustainable business leaders

Russell Reynolds Associates

Implementing sustainability is more than a matter of strategy, policy and process - it is fundamentally about leadership and people.

The United Nations Global Compact and Russell Reynolds Associates conducted in-depth interviews with a group of 55 sustainability pioneers: CEOs and board members from across continents and industries with a notable track record of focusing on and making progress towards sustainability goals in tandem with commercial results.

The analysis provides unique insight into the characteristics and actions needed to be a sustainable leader and how that can help us identify, enable and develop the sustainable leaders of tomorrow.


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