C-Suite Insights 26th April 2021

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Why your team isn’t taking time off



According to the most recent 2021 Global Human Capital Trends Report, 70% of executives say that remote work has had a positive impact on well-being. Yet there is a continuing gap between employers and workers when it comes to prioritising well-being.


Evidence indicates that time off can help employees avoid burnout and perform better, yet workers have been taking less of it during the pandemic.

In this article, Deloitte discuss how organisations can align their culture and policy to enable workers to take the time off they need in ways that benefit well-being throughout the company.


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How to make the most of virtual meetings


McKinsey & Company


In this interview, Karin Reed gives some useful tips on conducting effective virtual meetings including:

  • The most effective virtual meetings are shorter and purpose-driven. So rather than an agenda of ten items, think about an agenda of two items and a 20 minute meeting.
  • Any productive discussion that needs to lead to a decision should ideally have no more than seven people.
  • Facial expressions are critical in conveying messages, so lighting should ensure they can easily be read.


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A seven-step process for thriving teams


Workplace teams need a performance culture, i.e. an embedded knack for learning and adapting. As teams have become more central to firm activity, they’ve proliferated to the point that an increasing number of employees belong to several teams at once.


Instilling a performance culture involves two core principles. First, interventions should ideally occur at both the team and individual levels. Otherwise, individual members’ identification with group efforts may not be strong enough to survive the rigors of change.


Second, it should not be an abstract exercise. Effective team processes for adopting change are learnt from experience and practice.


This article presents a seven-step methodology for developing effective team performance.


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