C-Suite Insights 25th August 2021

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Reaching your full cloud potential


Strategy + Business


It is important for the CEO and board to find ways to link business strategy with cloud investment. The cloud is not just an IT initiative; it’s a platform for growth and innovation. This paper provides a roadmap for effective implementation including:

  1. Establish clear objectives for value creation
  2. Reimagine your challenges with a cloud-cantered mindset
  3. Let your people lead the cloud journey
  4. Seize the opportunity to solve your IT and data challenges
  5. Prioritise cybersecurity and compliance needs
  6. Reframe problems as opportunities for bold innovation
  7. Celebrate your wins, but don’t declare victory too early.

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How to show up for work when no one is showing up for work


Nate Bennett


As the pandemic continues to wax and wane, one thing that seems likely to persist is momentum towards greater availability for hybrid or entirely work-from-home arrangements. It is impossible to know just how lasting employer support for these arrangements will be. Whereas some trusted minds insist that things will never be as they were, it’s also the case that leaders like JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon insist their business requires a return to the office.


All this will be sorted out eventually as different employers experiment and provide evidence that reduces the current uncertainty around the viability of new operational models. In the meantime, it is clear that the sort of hybrid work arrangements that used to exist primarily as informal one-off arrangements with a boss will be more widely available.


While celebrating their autonomy, employees should also be planning how to manage their brand while becoming less visible. In other words, what are the keys to showing up for work when no one shows up for work? This article suggests job-relevant actions the newly remote should pursue to continue building and protecting their brand.


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It’s time for leaders to get real about hybrid


McKinsey & Company


More than three-quarters of C-suite executives surveyed by McKinsey report that they expected the typical employee to be back in the office three or more days a week. However, early three-quarters of employees would like to work from home for two or more days per week, and more than half want at least three days of remote work.


Workers are re-evaluating their relationships with their employers, as well as with their work. This process is surfacing discordant views on returning to work. To reduce the disconnect as they consider the return to in-person work employers need to:

  • Be clear that the operating model will take years and is a separate effort from the near-term return to the office. Acknowledge that an effective hybrid operating model could take years. Start from scratch, question everything, and make intentional decisions with a clear, evidence-based rationale.
  • Consider research showing that building new relationships is better done in person. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 39% of employees struggled to maintain a strong connection with colleagues as informal social networks weakened and people leaned in heavily to the people and groups with whom they most identified. Team leaders must also follow through with sharing, listening, and hearing the needs of their team members.
  • Experiment and learn from the outcomes of experiments. For example, the design of office space plays a key role in positive collaboration and connection, but traditional offices typically dedicate more than two-thirds of their space to individual, heads-down workspaces, such as desks and cubicles. What new designs and technologies could be piloted to provide flexibility and collaboration? 
  • Acknowledge the disconnect. If leaders don’t accept the fact that they don’t know the shape of the future of hybrid working, their talent will leave.

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