C-Suite Insights 24th November 2021

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Managing authority and power imbalances at work

Harvard Business Review

​​​​Many experience power imbalances at work which can have negative effects on stress levels and well-being. Research reveals that first-person experiences with power at work can differ significantly from the level of power suggested by the assigned job title and these can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. 

Based on four studies, this article reveals that employees who face more fluctuating power imbalances report higher levels of stress. It further summarises four potential strategies to reduce the frequency of power fluctuation: being deliberate when scheduling tasks, implementing a work routine, constructing a role-transcendent identity and actively managing self-wellbeing. 

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Overcoming the automation paradox


Bain & Company


The emergence of increasingly powerful types of automation technologies is making it challenging for many businesses to optimise operations and potential. There is a need for businesses to encourage employees to readily engage with functional automation tools that are simple and easy-to-use.


Based on research, this article offers four methods on how to conquer the automation paradox: understanding automation as an initiative in collaboration with employees, inspiring employees to enable automation, coaching opportunities and democratising automation and investing in culture change to ensure a smooth transition.

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The world’s most talent competitive countries, 2021


INSEAD Knowledge


The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the global talent landscape and revealed which countries were most successful at maintaining talent competitiveness.

How governments and leaders responded to the crisis largely affected the social and economic wellbeing of people and dictated how things unfolded.

This article found that countries at the top of the rankings are from high-income economies who effectively invested in digitally savvy workforces with a focus on developing entrepreneurial talent, making them better prepared when the pandemic hit. The rankings are based on a GTCI model (Global Talent Competitiveness Index).

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