C-Suite Insights 24th December 2021

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Two ways to improve gender balance in tech 

Harvard Business Review 


Achieving gender parity in the IT industry is a challenge for most companies. Research amongst 64,461 Stack Overflow developers has been analysed to help provide suggestions to address this challenge. 


The results suggest two key actions for organisations to improve the gender-gap: 

  1. Create new interdisciplinary roles 

  1. Create development paths to “dry-coding” jobs 

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10 ways to make work more fun and increase productivity  




This article provides ten suggestions to help you make work more enjoyable and fun for employees. 


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Tech trends 2022 




Deloitte’s 13th annual Tech Trends report provides insights and inspiration to unlock innovation, build trust and engineer advantage for their digital journey ahead.  


It explores seven trends: 

  1. Data-sharing made easy 
  2. Cloud goes vertical 
  3. Blockchain: Ready for business 
  4. IT, disrupt thyself: Automating at scale 
  5. Cyber AI: Real defense 
  6. The tech stack goes physical 
  7. Field notes from the future 

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