C-Suite Insights 23rd June 2021

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Lack of talent isn’t your problem - how you use it is


Bain & Company


Top performing companies do not have a better talent pool, they simply deploy that talent more effectively. This piece outlines four specific steps to understand which roles will create disproportionate value and how to get the right people into those positions:

  • Take a ‘strategy back’ approach to defining business-critical roles. Rather than simply deciding that a position is responsible for a certain head count, or some other metric, look closely at the individual elements of strategy and ask what is required to deliver on it.
  • Create profiles of what success in this role would look like. These profiles detail the ideal experience of any candidate as well as their motivations and capabilities - competencies plus potential - and whether they fit well into the organisation’s culture.
  • Rigorously evaluate talent currently serving in these roles and compare them with the role profiles in order to establish the size and nature of any gaps. Then do the same for any other potential internal candidates.
  • Address talent gaps with a thoughtful mix of talent development, deployment and redeployment, and, when appropriate and on a targeted basis, with new talent acquisition.

As strategy shifts and the talent pool evolves, companies with a thoughtful, rigorous approach will enjoy a sustained advantage over the competition.

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2021 digital marketing trends: 25 practical recommendations


Smart Insights


This article provides tips on maximising the impact of digital marketing efforts. It also explores the marketing themes that will be most significant for marketers considering  adoption of digital technology in 2021 including:

  • Conversational marketing
  • Consumer privacy and consent
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Personalisation moving towards personification
  • Cloud hubs and email automation.

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Report: Business Futures 2021 - Signals of Change




This research-based report takes a structured approach to identify the signals of business change that are most critical for organisations to understand in order to shape their successful futures.

It aims to help leaders chart their best courses to profitable growth.


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