C-Suite Insights 23rd April 2021

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Four practical ways to help boost creative innovation


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This article explores four practical methods to help boost creative innovation in a virtual world:

  1. Quantify the collaboration challenge in your organisation. To understand how people in a team solve problems, you need to measure the health of collaborative activities.
  2. Build a virtual watercooler. Experiment with how to create impromptu exchanges.
  3. Slow down and embrace different perspectives. Give employees time during virtual check-ins or meetings to deconstruct the problems they face and reframe them.
  4. Play with problems. Asking people to play with an idea can spark a solution, such as asking participants to look at the problem through a totally different lens, by imagining themselves in a different role in the organisation.


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Global Risks Report

World Economic Forum

The 16th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report identifies the top global risks by likelihood and impact, and identifies four governance opportunities to strengthen the overall resilience of countries, businesses, and the international community:

  1. Formulating analytical frameworks that take a holistic and systems-based view of risk impacts
  2. Investing in high-profile “risk champions” to encourage national leadership and international co-operation
  3. Improving risk communications and combating misinformation
  4. Exploring new forms of public-private partnership on risk preparedness.



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Global ways of working




A survey of 209,000 people in 190 countries provides a fascinating global comparison of employee expectations about the future of work


For example, a relatively small proportion of workers - one in four - would switch to a completely remote work model if they could. People in developing countries tend to be above the average in favouring full-time work-from-home models; 44% of South Africans and 39% of Indians said they like the idea.


Those in developed countries tend to be less interested, though the US is an exception: 35% of its people said they would gladly work from home on a full-time basis.   


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